Important Gear For Horse Riding Purposes

horse tack

As far as the rider is concerned, the head gear or helmet will probably be the most important item in his stable. Of course, there are other important items included to the inventory, otherwise known as your horse tack. Your typical horse tack, apart from the helmet, is going to include bridles, bits, breastplates, harnesses, halters, martingales, saddles and stirrups. No doubt you already know that you will be sitting in the saddle. Your feet will be placed through the stirrups. Harnesses will help to keep your horse in tow, directing it wherever you want to go.

When gearing up with the horse you will be essentially tacking up. And when your riding is done for the morning, where do you store all your riding gear? Well, in the tack room. It is usually located quite close to the horse’s stable. The rider’s helmet is as important as the one that will be worn by the motorcyclist for the salient fact that it is providing both the rider and the driver with protection in the event of a collision or accident. But equestrian experts regard the saddle as the most important horse tack item.

This is the rider’s driving seat. It is fastened to the horse’s back by a girth as the English would say. Otherwise you will be calling it the cinch. It is a wide strap that will be fastened around the horse. There is also a second strap that will be fastened around the horse. It is fastened at the bottom of the saddle and will go around the widest area of the horse’s belly. Both horse and rider need to be comfortable with the appropriate saddle. Not providing this comfort could lead to the creation of pressure points in the horse’s back muscle.