Creating Custom Pieces Of Molding For Your Home

Construction projects on your home can be time consuming and tedious.  However, taking a little extra time to work on some custom projects will add a subtle visual interest that will set your home apart.  When working on your custom design aspects, using millwork supplies to help in the construction will cut your time in half.

Custom molding

In many construction projects adding a little visual appeal to your home will make it pop.  Molding is typically a good idea since it is subtle but have a big impact.  The first is base bolding. Base molding is the baseboards or strip of wood that appears at the bottom of the wall.  This type of molding is taller than any other molding that you use and is designed to protect the bottom of your wall from damage.

Chair Rail

Chair rail is your first attempt at creating some interesting visual appeal to your room.  A chair rail is typically placed in the center of the wall midway from the bottom of the wall to the center.  This is designed originally to keep the backs of chairs from knocking into the wall.  Now, they add a visual appeal to the rom and can create a separation point.  With chair rail, you can also add visual interest with paint.  The wall under the chair rail can be painted a darker color where as the top of the wall can be a lighter one, giving the room an even better visual appeal.

Crown Molding

millwork supplies

Crown molding gets its name because it is at the top of the room, or the head of the room.  Since it wraps around the room it resembles a crown, hence the name.  With crown molding you can finish off the look and feel of a room that gives it a finished look and feel.  All of these added touches will make your room very appealing.