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On A Shoestring Budget, Is It A Good Idea To Have Wedding In NYC?

Who knows how many people are getting married at the rate their mas, pas, grandmas and grandfathers did back in the day? Some modern city dwellers may be compelled to suggest, or argue; but what is the point? And isn’t marriage for the birds anyhow? No, not at all. People in NYC are still getting married every weekend. Just take a walk through Central Park one fine Saturday or Sunday morning.

And you will see the proof in the wedding cake. The public gardens gathering is one of the longest-running city traditions when it comes to wedding receptions. Right after the exchange of vows in the city cathedral, the couple and its guests proceed to the gardens for their obligatory photo-op. Long before this wedding, however, the two lovebirds will have done their spot of weekend wedding rings nyc shopping.

wedding rings nyc

Who knows how many windows they would have shopped, from one end of Soho to even the end of Fifth Avenue, before they settled on their prized gems. They always say that money should be no option when it comes to love, but of course, even star-struck lovers are sensible these days. They have to be. Even though intimately sharing a living space downtown or in the boroughs carries the benefit of two paychecks, living in NYC is no cheap watch.

It is, in any case, one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, generally speaking anyhow. But here are people who have lived in and loved the city all their lives. And with so many opportunities still blooming, why would they want to move right now? This in a city that supposedly never sleeps. The lights still go out but what happens after that is nobody’s business.

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